Hi community and team!

Just wanted to follow up on all the emails flying around and say a great big THANK YOU to everyone for a fantastic season! 

Anyhoo, first of all, just wanted to say thank you to all of our Old Girls for everything you’ve done to build, grow, and support this club. We wouldn’t have a club today if not for all the hard work, years of struggle, and heart you have put into North Shore. Thanks for coming out to training before big games and giving great pep talks (Sabra, Shortney, Annie O, Cathy, Sliz Sloz, Mary La), sending us good luck notes, making us brownies, traveling all the way to VA Beach to be super fans, and continuing to stay involved to make sure North Shore does well.

Thank you to the players who were unable to travel to VA Beach for continuing to come out to practice to help the team prepare. Thank you to the non-rostered players for traveling to VA Beach to be super fans. And a huge thank you to the players who traveled to VA Beach knowing that they wouldn’t know whether or not they would be rostered until close to game time. That is an extremely difficult commitment to make and shows the kind of selfless team spirit that has carried us through this season.

Thanks to all the busy bees behind-the-scenes who keep this ship sailing. Like the board and the directors, who have so much to deal with on top of trying to focus on playing. It’s not easy and the club appreciates all the work you do. Thanks to the team helpers from equipment manager to apparel manager, you all stepped up when we needed you and kept things running smoothly. Thanks to everyone who has taken a turn behind the video camera. This footage has really helped our development throughout the season. Thanks to everyone who has helped transport equipment to and from the fields and to Abby for letting us store our dirty junk next to her nice items. Thanks to everyone for busting your ass during practice, community service, and fundraisers. You put in the teamwork that made this dream work!

Thank you to the Griffins fam for coming out to help our scrums and for always cheering us on.

Thank you to the Bear for all your design work and consultation. And to Ali B. for making our posters and other collateral.

Thank you to Jen, our trainer, for traveling with us and keeping us in one piece. Thank you to all the fine folks at Athletico for taking such good care of us.

Thank you to Adrian and the rest of the CARFU committee for fighting on behalf of the Midwest and CR2.

Thank you to Goldie and the Black Rock for their generosity, patience, and support.

Thank you to Tony Williams, our fitness coach, for pushing us hard and keeping us sharp throughout the season.

Thank you to John for taking the time and energy to come out and coach us all season. (And for having the cohones to deal with 35 strong-willed women on a daily basis!)

And finally, thank you to everyone who believed in us! :)

Much love,
The NS Leadership