Chicago North Shore Women’s Rugby Football Club

Team Policies

Any of the following team policies may be amended at the discretion of the Executive Board.  Notice will be given to members of such amendments.  Exceptions to any of the following team policies may be made at the discretion of the Executive Board.  All agreements, waivers and forms will be available on the website (


All members shall read and adhere to the By-Laws, Policies of the team.  All members shall sign an agreement indicating that they have read and understand the Bylaws, Policies and Payment Agreement of Chicago North Shore Women’s Rugby Football Club.  All active members shall read and sign the team liability waiver.


Dues are required to be paid, or a payment plan must be set up prior to the first tournament of the season. To be considered an active player you must pay your dues in full.  Please contact the Treasurer directly for payment arrangements.


It is the player’s responsibility to communicate to the captain(s) and coach(es) the events and/or practices that she is not able to attend.  The player should give the captain(s) and coach(es) notice as soon as possible of an absence.  If absentee notice is given the day of the commitment, notice should be directed to the captain(s).

All active members are required fundraise $125.00 per season.   Team fundraisers are organized and set up by the VP of Fundraising, and all opportunities will be publicized by her or the Executive Board. It is each player’s responsibility to sign up for times, sell merchandise, or attend functions that will generate funds for the team. Those who do not raise $125.00 per season to the team will have to pay the team the $125.00 or the difference (i.e. if a player raised $100, they would only owe North Shore $25.)

Member Debt:

All members are personally responsible for all expenses incurred by the team on the member’s behalf.  All members that owe any amount of money to the team must be actively involved in a payment plan.  If payment plan is not followed, the Executive Board has the right to suspend membership rights, which will include complete loss of playing time, and reporting to USA Rugby as a member in poor standing. All members who incur debt must sign a payment agreement.